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Footprints of Adventures combines sustainable living and spirit of adventure by sharing travel experiences and offering tips for an eco-friendly lifestyle. 

Ciao! Non sai parlare inglese? Clicca sulla bandiera italiana nel menu o qui per vedere il mio blog in italiano! 

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From nature-lovers to foodies, from artists to shopaholics: if you are curious to find out what type of traveller you are, click here!


And don’t forget to have a look at my travel posts to get some inspiration on where to go next!

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Would you like to live on Mars? I surely wouldn't.


In this section I will show you my journey towards a more sustainable lifestyle, and I hope that my tips will inspire you to do the same both at home and on the road.

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Stories of an Italian abroad, volunteering experiences, travel tips, and much more.

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"Take nothing but memories, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time."

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