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Let me guess. You have your favourite bookshop and at the library you strategically sit near the shelf with your preferred books. As a gift, you only ask for books and more books, although what you would actually need is a new bookcase. Or a bigger house. You spend hours in the bookstore unsure on which of those two novels to buy, but the verdict is always the same: you buy both! On your travels, you don’t miss the opportunity to visit a library, even better if it’s old and full of dusty tomes that rest on wooden shelves. I totally understand you, because I too fall into this four-eyed category who prefers a good book to the new version of the I-Phone. Well, I will provide recommended readings for your travels, literary reviews and suggestions on beautiful bookstores and libraries to visit.


Pss... I also have a Bookstagram and Goodreads account! Right now I'm taking part in the challenge "Reading the World", which consists of reading at least a book from every country in the world. Curious? Follow me on @books_by_the_seashore!

Travel ideas for Bookworms

"Take nothing but memories, Leave nothing but footprints, Kill nothing but time."

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